Group Selections

The current version of Serial Loops only allows you to view group selections, not edit them, so the documentation here will be sparse. In a future update, Serial Loops will be capable of fully editing group selections and this documentation will be updated to be more complete.


Group selection items represent the sections of the game where you divide up the SOS Brigade to accomplish different tasks. The group selections are triggered in game when the GROUP_SELECTION Scenario command is called. It brings up the following screen:

Task assignment screenshot

On this screen, there are two to four boxes of different colors labeled A through D. These boxes represent the possible tasks characters can be sent to do by dragging their character portraits into the box.

Every possible group of characters in a particular task defines a route for that task. Note that routes are defined as a subset of the tasks, not as a property of the overall distribution of characters between all tasks (i.e., routes only depend on the characters in a particular task and are independent of the character distribution in other tasks).

In Serial Loops

The current group selection editor allows you to view the following properties:

  • The two to four tasks available as part of the group selection. In the editor, you can see the title of the task as well as:
    • Whether Haruhi is present for that task (Haruhi's character portrait appears locked on the task when she is present)
    • If there is a required brigade member for that task (either a specific character locked in or just requiring a brigade member to be sent)
    • The "future tense" description of the task, which is seen on the group selection screen
    • The "past tense" description of the task, which is seen on the topics recap screen
    • The hardcoded "optimal group" – this doesn't seem to have a mechanical effect, but it's the group of characters that gather the most topics when they are sent on that task without Kyon
    • The hardcoded "worst group" – again, no mechanical effect as far as we know, but it's the group of character that gather the least topics when they are sent on that task without Kyon
  • Inside each task are the descriptions of each route available in that task. In addition to the route's title (which can be seen in-game in Kyon's
    dialogue bubble when the route is selected with Kyon present), the editor allows you to observe the following properties:
    • The script associated with the topic – this is the script that will be loaded the selected group (including Kyon) is sent on this task
    • Characters involved – the list of characters involved in this topic
    • Kyonless-topics – these are the topics gathered by the group when they are sent on that task without Kyon

Group selections editor