Game Flow

The game's flow can be edited with the Scenario editor. The scenario is essentially a list of commands which execute in order to load various game components. The commands are explained in the following table:

Scenario Commands

NEW_GAMEThis command defines where the "New Game" menu item takes the player. For example, if NEW_GAME 5 defines where selecting New GameEpisode 5 will take the player.
SAVEThis command prompts the user to save the game.
LOAD_SCENEThis command loads a particular script file.
PUZZLE_PHASEThis command starts a particular puzzle phase.
ROUTE_SELECTThis command starts a particular group selection.
STOPThis command stops the game. It is not actually used.
SAVE2This command also prompts the user to save the game. The difference between this command and SAVE are unknown.
TOPICSThis command displays which topics the player has collected over the previous scene(s) following group selection.
COMPANION_SELECTThis loads a companion selection screen, allowing the player to select which Brigade member will accompany Haruhi during the puzzle phase.
PLAY_VIDEOPlays a video; 0 plays the OP and 1 plays the ED.
NOPDoes nothing
UNKNOWN0BThis command is used but its function is currently unknown.
UNLOCKUnlocks particular functionality. The exact mapping between the parameter specified and which functionality is unlocked is currently unknown.
ENDEnds the scenario and returns to the title screen.


As with script commands, scenario commands can be added and removed with the + and garbage can buttons above the command list.

The entire scenario can be cleared using the rocket ship button. Individual commands can be edited (changing the command itself as well as its single parameter) in the editor panel to the right.

Scenario Editing