In Serial Loops, "Characters" define the set of characters that can talk in scripts. Modifying Characters lets you customise the character's name, their dialogue name plate style, their voice font and text display speed.

  • Character name — What to display both on the name plate and when referencing this character elsewhere in scripts
  • Text color — The color of the text above the dark gray nameplate
  • Plate color — The accent color of the name plate; typically the same as the Text color
  • Outline color — What color to outline the character's name on the plate with (toggle with the check box)

You can also set the text and plate color based on the default colors for each standard character in the base game.

Character Names & Nameplates

Characters are represented by a name, which is displayed on a bitmap name plate above text. Through the Character item editor, you can customise the character's name and how the name plate looks.

Voice Font & Text Speed

The "voice font" is the small beeping sound that is made as text is drawn to the screen when no voiced line is playing. The text speed is controlled by a timer, so the lower the value, the faster the text appears on the screen. The value of the voice font is not understood. Neither of these can currently be edited.

Character editor