Applying Hacks

Serial Loops has a built-in manager for applying useful hacks to your project.

Apply Hacks menu

The Apply Hacks menu can be accessed through the "Apply Hacks..." option in the Tools menu.

Apply Hacks menu in the tools menu

The menu presents a list of hacks (see below) and whether they have been applied to the project. Select the hacks you wish to apply, then press SAVE to apply the hack to the project.

Apply Hacks menu

Hacks with Parameters

Some hacks have parameters you can specify to change the precise behavior of the hack. These parameters persist for the duration the Apply Hacks menu is open, but Serial Loops will forget about them as soon as the hacks have been applied. Thus, if you reopen the menu, you will not see your parameter selected. Don't worry though – the hack with the parameter you selected has still been applied!

Importing Custom Hacks

Serial Loops supports importing ASM Hacks serialized in the .slhack format. To do this through the Apply Hacks menu, choose "Import," and select the .slhack file you wish to use.