The current version of Serial Loops only allows you to view chibis, not edit them, so the documentation here will be sparse. In a future update, Serial Loops will be capable of fully editing chibis and this documentation will be updated to be more complete.


Chibis are small animated sprites used on the top screen during regular visual novel segments and controlled/interacted with during the investigation and puzzle phases.

Chibis can have a number of animations associated with them:

Animation NumberDescription
00Default idle animation
01Walk cycle animation
02"Searching" animation (puzzle phase)
03"Cleaning" animation (puzzle phase)
04Lose animation (puzzle phase)
05Win animation (puzzle phase)
06Technique animation (puzzle phase)
07Technique failed animation (puzzle phase)
08Running animation (Haruhi has a different one for this)
10Alternate idle animation
97-99Still poses

Additionally, each animation can have variants for the direction the chibi is facing (back right, back left, front right, front left), though not all have all directions.

In Serial Loops

In the current version of Serial Loops, chibis can be opened and their animations viewed. Animations can be selected with a drop down and the direction faced can be chosen with a series of buttons. In addition to the full animation displayed up top, the individual frames can be seen in a box below. Finally, like character sprites, chibis can be exported as a series of frames (for editing in the future) or as an animated GIF.

Chibi editor