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By Jonko (13 Mar 2024)
Jonko digs into the event files to figure out how to translate the game
By Jonko (29 Feb 2024)
Jonko wanted to make a post on a leap day but didn't have time to finish his blog post in time
Watch Jonko explain some of the challenges of hacking Chokuretsu to a live audience at Retro World Expo
By Jonko (10 Mar 2023)
Jonko responds to feedback and provides more details regarding the compression and archive articles.
Jonko puts the Shade bin archive under the microscope and explains how he figured out how to unpack it.
By Jonko (19 Oct 2022)
Jonko delves into how the Shade compression algorithm was reverse engineered to hack Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu.
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