Recording of Jonko's "ROM Hacking to Translate a Video Game" Panel Released

By Jonko on 24 Jan 2024

Hi folks! For the past year, I have been presenting a panel at several different conventions on ROM hacking Chokuretsu. At Retro World Expo in Hartford, Connecticut, Andy Wolan (formerly of the Sonic Stuff Research Group) made a recording of the panel that I've now posted to my YouTube channel. If you're interested in hearing a bit about how we hacked this game, you'll likely enjoy giving it a watch!


Thanks to Xzonn, who is working with a team to translate Chokuretsu into Chinese, this talk has now been translated into Chinese and is available with Chinese subtitles on both YouTube and Bilbili!

Jonko is the project lead and main ROM hacker for the Haroohie Translation Club.